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JobsTable Project

Winner of the Concours Lépine International Paris 2021 !

Let's telecommute

JobsTable is the modular coffee table that will revolutionize teleworking  

Telecommuting, video games, photo editing ... discover everything that the JobsTable makes possible from your sofa!


"Cet ingénieur a conçu une table basse modulable qui va révolutionner le télétravail

Omar David Seck, ingénieur informatique, a mis au point une table basse transformable en espace de travail complet et entièrement connecté. Son invention doit être présentée au prochain concours Lépine."

table vue de dos - 1.jpeg


Clean and modern lines.
Inspired by functionality.

From the start, JobsTable was designed to also basically be a beautiful coffee table with a modern design and a standard height : 47 cm. JobsTable has a length of 126 cm and a depth of 70 cm.

Different colors and wood species will be available: you will inevitably find a version that will go with your living room.


From HDMI to Thunderbolt 3.
JobsTable is compatible with everything.

The JobsTable team feels very concerned by the ecological cause. The battle against planned obsolescence is one of them. For this reason, we wanted JobsTable to be a piece of furniture that lasts a long time. JobsTable therefore does not contain a computer. The brain of JobsTable is your laptop. JobsTable just displays (in the best possible conditions) the image of your video source.

As long as you are equipped, JobsTable can connect via the Thunderbolt 3 protocol to all compatible computers such as Apple Macbooks. By connecting JobsTable's USB-C cable, you connect the power supply, video display, potential hard drives installed in the table, the integrated webcam and the integrated speakers.

JobsTable is obviously compatible with Windows non-Thunderbolt USB-C computers. The same services as for the thunderbolt 3 are provided but with a lower transfer rate.

JobsTable finally integrates a Micro HDMI input port : all known sources can be connected via a Micro HDMI to HDMI cable: whether it is a PC tower, a console, a Blu-ray player, ....

Electromechanical Chassis

Frame, engines, wheels.
A real computer vehicle.

JobsTable was imagined and designed to be able to be used from your sofa. A really new type of use in computing.

In a classic computer station, the desk is fixed and the ergonomic chair is fully adjustable. Here, it is completely the opposite: the seat being fixed, it is up to the piece of furniture to be completely adjustable.

JobsTable is thus built around a chassis combining aluminum and steel. In order to be able to fully adapt to the user, it thus integrates 3 two-stage slender lifters and 4 high-quality wheels hidden in the frame of the table.


QHD Display

The ideal Compromise between Quality and Performance

We have chosen to put in JobsTable a large 27-inch screen with a resolution fine enough to enhance your photos and videos. But at the same time, we wanted this screen to be "mainstream" enough that a majority of laptops currently in circulation could connect to it without difficulty.

For all these reasons, we finally chose to put in JobsTable a beautiful QHD screen with a resolution of 2560 * 1440.

The right compromise between full HD and 4K.

The screen fits nicely on a camera. For the same reasons as for the screen, we did not choose a version with too high a resolution. JobsTable integrates a 720p camera with an impeccable image.

Touch Window

Keyboard and Trackpad.
In a Tactile Window.

There is a lot of technology available today to do a lot of things. The JobsTable project was keen not to make yet another gadget but to create something useful. For these reasons, for example, we decided not to put a touch screen in the table : for us this is not useful in a living room.

On the other hand, making the upper window tactile seemed revolutionary to us and ultimately very useful.

Especially when JobsTable is in the folded position. 


We have thus integrated a glass incorporating a tactile keyboard and a tactile trackpad into the table.

The glass is connected via Bluetooth to the computer, contains batteries and is recharged by induction by JobsTable : there is no connection between the glass and the table. This glass top slides easily back and forth to release the screen and adjust to the user's desires.

It will thus be possible to choose the keyboard language and, in the event of an accident, simply replace the JobsTable glass.


Sound in front. Sound behind.
Sound for Everyone.
A Giant Bluetooth Speaker.

Connected by USB-C or Bluetooth and enjoy a quality audio system in the center of your living room.

Capture d’écran 2021-03-28 à

External Hard Drives Rack

A place for Everything and Everything in its place.

 Most laptops come standard with too little disk space and therefore, for many users, quickly run out. People who do not want to save their data in the cloud then usually equip themselves with external hard drives. As long as you have more than one, using a laptop can quickly get complicated.

For all these reasons, it seemed to us a priority to allocate space in the table to connect several external hard drives. JobsTable thus integrates a rack with 4 retractable shelves, 3 powered USB 3.0 ports, a USB-C port and a 220V socket for external disks requiring power. Each of the 3 USB 3.0 ports is controlled from the control panel via 3 dedicated switches.

We can thus physically connect 3 hard drives in the rack but only connect them to the computer on command. This is to avoid having all the disks that automatically connect when the computer connects to JobsTable.

connecteur Rack DD.png
Rack DD enleve etagere.png
Rack DD vide.png

Control Panel

Control JobsTable with your fingertips.
pupiter jobstable.png

The right drawer integrates the JobsTable control panel. All the control buttons for functions such as volume control or screen brightness are grouped together in a waterproof case.

fonction pupitre anglais.png

This console also incorporates 4 USB ports and an SD card reader. Placed at this point of the table, you will always have them at hand.

connectique pupiter anglais.png

Wireless Charging

Convenient and Invisible.

Although it is completely invisible, JobsTable does integrate a Qi standard wireless charger for smartphones. Placed in the center of the right tray, you can recharge your phone as easily as possible while teleworking.

JobsTable also incorporates 2 fast-charging USB ports - 18W - for "vintage phone collectors" ;)

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